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About me

Carola Wackerle - real estate professional since childhood and genuine Liguria fan

I was born in Salzburg and at the age of seven my family moved to a small village in Liguria. My father was an architect who often restored old rustic houses or even a whole village and subsequently would sell them. This of course meant that most of my childhood was spent on construction sites.. Even then, my passion for these beautiful old houses and the preservation of this unique part of the local culture was aroused.

After traveling all over the world I returned to Liguria in 2002. I went back to my roots because of my love of the countryside and nature, the people, as well as the many original mountain villages. Together with my husband Enzo Girardi and his company Euroedil, we have since saved many beautiful houses and whole villages from decay, rebuilding with the latest techniques and whenever possible the ancient methods to created little jewels.

Since 2006, as a state-certified court interpreter for the city of Imperia, I have also been the contact person for their translations whether it be for large trials or official contracts and invoices.